Our Employees perform each chore with our Company Motto in mind:
"A Job Well Done - With Integrity"
My Chores Are Yours house cleaning individuals and teams take pride in providing a quality house cleaning experience.
Our prestigious house cleaning service understands that your home is important to you, and using our service ensures
that your possessions are treated with care while making them shine.
In addition, our team is trained to meet any task your home needs.
My Chores Are Yours Employees are hired with understanding how
your home should be treated, and are coached to listen to your
specific directions to meet your expectations. In other words, we
customize your house cleaning service according to your priorities.
Pam Babcock understands how your home needs to be cleaned. Our
house cleaning service is willing to listen to your needs and perform
any task to make sure you are satisfied with your house cleaning.

Because your house is your number one investment, make sure you
choose Pam Babcock - My Chores Are Yours & Co. - this area's
longest sustainable leader in innovative cleaning - to perform all of
your house cleaning.
We also perform 19
other chores on a
rotational basis to keep
your house clean
.  Call me
and we can talk about them.  
Such as ceiling fixtures,
woodwork, windows, and
1.   Clean Kitchen Sinks
and faucets
2.   Damp Wipe Cabinet
3.   Clean Appliance Exteriors
4.   Clean Inside Microwave
5.   Wash Dishes
6.   Clean Items on the Counter
7.   Wash Counters
8.   Clean the Kitchen Window
9.   Shake Rugs Outside
10. Wash Kitchen Floors
17.  Do Our Best in Picking and
Straightening Up Children’s Rooms
18.  Remove Dresser Top Items and Dust The Tops, Sides
and Fronts of Dressers
19.  Dust Dresser Items and Put Back
                    20.  Make Beds (Can
                    change linen on request)
                    21.  Vacuum Bedroom
                    Carpets / Floors
Other Rooms
29.  Dust Furniture
30.  Dust Furniture Items
31.  Vacuum or Clean Floors
11.  Clean and Sanitize
Toilets, Tubs and Showers
12.  Clean Sinks
13.  Clean Mirrors
14.  Clean Counter Items
15.  Clean and Sanitize Counter
16.  Wash Bathroom Floors
house cleaner making beds
Family and Living Rooms
22.  Remove Furniture Items to
Dust Furniture Completely
23.  Dust and Put Back Furniture Items
24.  Dust or Vacuum Lamp Shades
25.  Dust Shelving
26.  Clean Fronts of TVs and Tops of
Other Electronics
27.  Clean Slider, French or Patio Doors
28.  Vacuum or Clean Floors
House Cleaning Company
Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Holt, DeWitt, Haslett and surrounding area.
bathroom cleaning by house cleaner
house cleaner cleaning kitchen
domestic cleaning making floors shine
house cleaner polishing
house cleaner sanitize
cleaning house also means vasuuming well
house cleaners wash floor on hands and knees
Foyer, Halls and Stairs
32.  Vacuum or Sweep    
Floors and Stairs
33.  Dust Furniture
34.  Clean Hard Surfaced
let our cleaning company care for the cleaning details of your home
Let us care for the details of your home
cleaning windows
house cleaner washing dishes
house cleaning and cleaning mirror
house cleaning and vacuuming
house cleaner polishing stainless steel
Pam Babcock - My Chores Are Yours & Co.
517 - 374 - 0004
Co., understand that you value your
home, while we value your business,
and that's why our house cleaning
service for the Lansing/East
Lansing/Okemos and surrounding
areas is fully insured.   We are
insured with LIG Insurance and
Financial Group, Justin Lowell of
Grand Ledge.
Pay for your house cleaning service with one
of your major credit cards through the secure
payment system provided by First Data.