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Hello.  I am Pam Babcock and I welcome you to
this site.
A "housewife" is usually a partner whose job is to
see to that a house is properly cleaned and
maintained.  Being a housewife, one puts in a huge
amount of time cleaning the house along with
providing care to family members and family pets.
Today, there are even househusbands.
Many times a housewife follows a regular cleaning schedule that includes time for
cleaning chores such as:  washing the woodwork, taking light globes down and washing
them, vacuuming drapes, moving furniture to clean the baseboards and to edge vac,
taking a scrub brush to tile grout, washing chair rungs and legs, cleaning windows and
window frames, washing blinds, cleaning wall accessories,  washing waste baskets,
getting a ladder and clean above cabinets and the like - Chores that are not performed
on a daily schedule.  A housewife often puts in more than 40 hours every week cleaning.  
I know I did.
I was raised with clichés such as "use plenty of elbow grease", "so clean - you can eat
off the floors", "don't let those dust bunnies get away from you" and Grandmother's
white glove test."  My Grandmother did wear white gloves and however inconspicuously
those gloved fingers passed over surfaces you were sure to see her attempt to remove
the gathered dust with a tis; although she never said a word about the dust.  And we
were forever moving the sofa cushions to retrieve coins that rolled off her lap while
giving nickels to the young children for their piggy banks.
Why and how the company was developed:
I was fortunate to have been a "housewife", for 10 years, before
needing to enter the work force and going to college.  Way
back then...there was little information on developing a
business plan for the service industry and in getting my
business degree I was assigned to develop a plan for
researching and implementing a business plan for a service
At that time I was already cleaning most of my professor's
homes as an individual.  Of' course Molly Maid was just
starting off their franchising in Canada (at the time I would
have been the first Molly Maid franchise serving the Lansing
area), and when I started my thesis members of SCORE
(Service Corps of Retired Executives) suggested I check out
buying a Molly Maid franchise.   My first negative impression
was that Molly Maid originated from Ontario, Canada.  Nothing
wrong with good neighbors.  The franchise was not American
owned.  The franchise fee was about the same as it is today,
somewhere $14,000; with other costs added for advertising,
automobiles and their intensive week training; today the start
up costs are close to $100,000.  
Somehow I just could not grasp running a cleaning company
with only one week training - no matter how intensive!  Anyone
can buy into Molly Maid with one week's training.  I know my
training certainly was much more than a week; in fact at that
time more than 1/2 of my life!  And, I am still learning with the
development of newer products and materials used in the
homes of today.  Another concept that was lacking with that
intensive training was that Company, employees and
customers, all 3, needed to work together as fine tuned gears -
one moving the other.  I come from families of farmers.  Any
sustaining farmer is a natural mechanic.  The tractor doesn't
work, the fields do not get plowed, the seeds do not get
planted; although I used the analogy of gears I just knew that if
something was to work, the parts needed to fit and move each
part.  I needed to do more than make money, my career
needed to fit me.
The members of SCORE did respect my reluctance in
venturing into investing in a Molly Maid franchise and diligently
led me on with my needed researching.  Overall, I interviewed
over 700 people whom used some sort of cleaning service or
another and people who performed the house cleaning
services.  I wrote my thesis and on the day of my oral reviews I
was asked when would I start MY COMPANY.  I replied that I
did not have the monetary resources and was greatly
surprised with an offer to help me get the financing that was
needed.  Private investors put up the money more than 30
years ago.  I paid them off within the first year of business with
an usurious rate of return.   I didn't mind, I was supporting my 2
children and myself.  
It was not until after I started my Company that I found there
was assistance for women with children; I was required to fill
out employment papers for a few of my employees.  Luckily,
with a lot of work, my Company was able to care for my family's
needs and even help put my children through college without
financial aid.  My son, Dr. Allen McNamara, has his Ph.D. in
Geophysics and is teaching at Michigan State University and
my daughter, Teresa House, has her teaching degree and
taught Science and Math, is currently a great Mommie.  
Over the last 40 years, I have learned many things about
people and their needs.  I have stuck to a few of my "old
fashioned morals and employee expectations", such as, I will
not tolerate regular use of alcohol or any drug use from my
employees.  They get caught in a lie and they do not fit as a
co-worker amongst our employees; trust is what we are
about.  There are even a couple of expectations I have of
customers; such as, treat my employees with respect and
have realistic expectations of my employee's willingness and
ableness to perform their job.
I do not mind taking time to train any employee, I have had
employees work with supervisors for up to six weeks and have
turned out to be supervisors themselves.  All of my supervisors
have the authority to fire with no questions asked if they get any
type of feeling that a certain employee is not trustworthy.  I have
stuck to this policy from the beginning.  I was raised in the
country where we did not lock even our automobiles and if a
person said something it was so.  And, I know I like to sleep
well at night and believe that my customers do to.
Many procedures written into my business plan is still in
operation today.  Even though my Company has done my
family and me well, I have not became the millionaire that was
predicted in the projections.  Oh, well, I believe my Company is
a blessing because it partakes so much of who I am and I am
comfortable and pleased with the Company's employees and
About our employees:
Our employees are mostly women who want to work not quite full
time; choosing to have some time either in the morning or
afternoon to perform other responsibilities.  Employee ages
range between 23 and 38.  Although the company certainly does
not mind hiring and training younger people.  We do hire men, if
they are suited for the work.  Usually the men do not stay long.  
As you can see through the pictures within this web site, our
employees care about their work and are not afraid to bend,
stretch, scrub and look at the results from the efforts they put into
cleaning chores.  
Most employees work for me on the average of 10 year.  The last
3 years we have had 8 long time (12-27 years) employees retire.  
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Yes, our incorporated name really is:
Pam Babcock - My Chores Are Yours & Co.
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Our Company is a
Our Employee Drug Free Policy
went in effect April 22, 2013.
Pam Babcock does not have much to say about other cleaning companies such
as Molly Maid, Helpful Hands, Merry Maids, Happy Clean and others because of a
lack of experience with the other cleaning companies and their employees.  We do
have professional employees and I do believe that this company is the only
company that trust all employees holding on to customer payments for a week or
more.  Since we schedule cleaners to work in the same homes repeatedly we do
not require them to drive to the office to drop off customer payments until Fridays.  
There is not any employee which Pam does not trust the cleaner to work in her
own home without supervis