Whether we are helping you with a regular service cleaning, deep cleaning, spring cleaning,
move-in cleaning, move-out cleaning, or a custom cleaning
of your house, home, condo, or apartment,

Pam Babcock will make sure it is cleaned right!
1.        What Makes Pam Babcock – My Chores Are Yours, The Best Cleaning Company In Central
Michigan To Hire?
2.        Do You Require Contracts?
3.        Are Your House Cleaning Service Individuals And Teams Trained And Supervised?
4.        How Do I Know I Can Trust Your Staff?
5.        How Do You Find And Keep Quality Service Providers?
6.        How Are Your Employees Screened?
7.        Who Will Be Cleaning My Home?
8.        Do You Send An Individual Or A Team Of House Cleaners?
9.        Will You Send The Same House Cleaner/s Each Time?
10.        Are Pam Babcock’s Employees Insured?
11.        Am I Liable For Worker's Compensation?
12.        Am I Liable For Employment Taxes?
13.        What If Something Is Damaged During The Cleaning?
14.        Are My Valuables Safe With You?
15.        Do You Have References?
16.        What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?
17.        Is The Difference Between "Regular Cleaning" and "Spring Cleaning"?
18.        Can I Leave A Note For The Team?
19.        Can I Get A Estimate Over The Phone?
20.        Can I Get An Estimate Online?
21.        How Does The Estimate Proceed If I Am Now Using A Cleaning Service?
22.        Does The First Time House Cleaning Take Longer?
23.        How Long Will The Cleaners Be In Our Home?
24.        How Often Do You Come To My Home And Clean?
25.        What If I Would Like Something Cleaned That Is Not Part Of Your House Cleaning Service?
26.        What Will Your House Cleaners Do In My Home?
27.        What If There Is More Work Than Expected?
28.        Will Your Team Get On Step Ladders To Clean High Areas?
29.        How Do You Determine Rates?
30.        How Much Will It Cost To Clean My House?
31.        Will All House Cleaning Visits Cost The Same Amount?
32.        What Are Your Rates For Your House Cleaning Service?
33.        Do You Offer Cleaning Specials, Discounts or Coupons?
34.        Can I Get A Gift Certificate?
35.        Can I Purchase Your Service For Someone Else?
36.        How Do I Make My Payment?
37.        What If Something Was Missed And I Am Unhappy With a Cleaning?
38.        Who Provides The Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?
39.        If I Provide The Cleaning Supplies And Your House Cleaners Use Them How Will I Know
40.       When More Cleaning Products Are Needed?
41.        What Should I Do With My Pets During The House Cleaning?
42.        What Days Do You Work?
43.        How Do I Schedule Services?
44.        At What Time Will Your House Cleaners Be At My Home?
45.        How Long Does It Take To Schedule An Appointment To Come Clean My Home Once I Am A
46.        How Far Advance Notice Does My Chores Are Yours Need To Get A Cleaning Service
47.        What If My Cleaning Falls On A Holiday?
48.        What If I Need To Change The Scheduled Cleaning?
49.        What If I Forget The House Cleaner Is Coming To Clean My House?
50.        What Is The Cancellation Policy?
51.        What If I Accidentally Lock The House Cleaner Out Of My Home On My Cleaning Day?
52.        Must I Be At Home When You Clean My House?
53.        How Do You Enter My Home On Cleaning Day?
54.        How Do You Protect My Keys?
55.        How Do I Get Ready Or Prepare For The Cleaning?
56.        Do I Need To Tip My House Cleaner?
57.        How Do I Get Started?
58.        How Do I Provide Feedback On My Cleanings?
59.        What Is Mildew And How Can I Get Rid Of It, Can Your Employees Use Chlorine Bleach While
Cleaning My Home?
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