I'm glad I did take time to compare my old
cleaning company with Pam's My Chores
Are Yours Company.  I now do not leave my
work early when I occasionally entertain in
the evening because I am confident my
home will be cleaned and I can jump right
into my cooking.  Thanks Pam.
Jean B. - East Lansing
The QUALITY of your time spent doing
other activities will be improved.
Take the time, completely in body, mind and
soul to enjoy events and activities that are so
we clean house not cat
1.  Our house cleaners are PROFESSIONALLY trained to provide the most thorough and detailed "50’s"
cleaning in the area.
Each house cleaner is expected to perform 50 cleaning chores in the homes assigned to them.  Much more
cleaning than any maid.

2.  The company's MISSION and operation is directed by a tried and true PHILOSOPHY.
In short:  Satisfaction of the house cleaners, management, and customers all are operated as one cycle.  
Each gear has to be maintained and cared for.  Satisfaction of the customer, house cleaner and management are
all of equal components in providing a satisfying relationship.

3.  Our standards are based on the same ETHICAL CODE developed 30 years ago.
We expect the highest standards and abilities from our house cleaners to offer the most satisfaction for our

4.  “A Job Well Done – With Integrity”  is our MOTTO.

5.  The cleaning done in your home will be CUSTOMIZED to your needs.
No two households are the same.  Needs are individualized, just as you can expect the cleaning done in your home
to be tailored to your needs.

6.  Your home will be cleaned by the SAME HOUSE CLEANER/s each service.
The same house cleaner/s will be assigned to regularly clean your home to offer accountability and responsibility in
providing satisfaction.

7.  Our cleaning SCHEDULE is the most dependable in the area.
Our records show we have serviced over 350,000 scheduled cleanings over the last 30 years and we have missed
less than 40 cleanings.  We offer flexible scheduling to suit your individual needs.  Weekly – Every Other Week –
Every 4 Weeks and on a call in basis.

8.  Our HOUSE CLEANERS are SELECTED from an intense and painstaking process with one main
We never hire in a hurry.  Our house cleaners are carefully selected for good work habits, fine recommendations
and integrity in mind.  Training may take at least 6 weeks.

9.  YOU CAN EXPECT and EXPERIENCE “Grandmother’s White Glove Test”.
We perform random evaluations on our house cleaner’s work to ensure excellent quality of performance. We are in
the process of developing a Quality Report Card to be left by the house cleaner for you to fill out (if you desire)
with each service (this will be designed for you to mail to the office).

10. Our house cleaners are EMPLOYEES.
All employees are covered with workers compensation and liability insurances and we pay all Federal and State
unemployment taxes along with our portion of Social Security and Medicare liabilities.

11.  Do not be concerned over your FAMILY'S PET/s.
Our house cleaners are pet friendly.  Many customers depend on us letting the
dogs outside for a potty break or just a time during their long day to be out of
their crate while we clean; and we are careful to watch for those cats that like
to try to escape when we open the door to shake rugs.  Please keep in mind that
we do not clean family pets.

12.  We are LOCALLY OWNED and OPERATED, thereby able to offer a lower and reasonable FEE to our
Pam Babcock has solely owned and operated this cleaning business as a supporting career.  There are no
franchise and large advertising expenses to pass on to the customer.  Pam Babcock has cleaned in the Lansing,
East Lansing, Okemos, Dewitt, Holt and surrounding area for over 30 years.

13.  Check out our offered discount certificates.
We offer discount certificates for referring new customers to out company.  We offer discount certificates to new
customers.  We off discount certificates for Spring Cleanings.  

14.  We have Gift Certificates for all occassions.
Gift certificates for all accassions and for all dollar amounts.  Go ahead give grandpa that gift certicifate for a
Spring cleaning and also us the discount certificate at the same time and save enough to take Grandpa out to

15.  Compare OUR FEE.
Existing house cleaning companies listed in the yellow pages quoted via telephone inquiry, 7 -21 - 16, hourly rates
from $42 to $90.00 and up.  

                      **** Our hourly rate is definitely lower than those rates.****

See what people are saying about using a house cleaing service:  click

16.  We accept major credit cards for payment, we also accept checks and cash.
My Chores Are Yours & Co. now accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Cards to help make
your payments easy.  And Most customers can take advantage of gaining reward points using their credit cards.
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