Open your door
to a reputable
company and let
us give your that
Compare our company
with the information in
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374-0004, and talk
about what you would
like from a house
cleaning company and
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Do you wish you
could enjoy the
you take for family
and friends
without feeling
you should
be home cleaning
your house?
Pam Babcock - My Chores Are Yours & Co.
374 - 0004
Are you looking for the best house cleaning company serving
the Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, DeWitt, Haslett, Holt,
Mason and the surrounding areas?  Then please take time to
learn about us with the information in this web site.  You will
we take cleaning your home seriously to provide you
the satisfaction you expect
when you purchase a house
cleaning service.  
We care for your home by
giving you
quality cleaning
by well trained and
professional employees.  
Our house cleaners are protected
with workers compensation; we
protect our customers with
liability insurances; and all
Federal and State unemployment
taxes along with
employee/employer Social
Security and Medicare liabilities
are paid by the company.
Our schedules for cleaning are flexible, offering
weekly, every other week, every 4th week and call in
cleaning service.  
Our move-in and move-out jobs are great
for real estate buyers and sellers alike.  

Click on Questions and Answers to learn about the various
types of cleaning we provide.  
We listen to each individual customer and tailor the cleaning needs in their home
to give the most satisfaction possible.   
Customers have high expectations and we
have high standards; a combination that builds a lasting
satisfying relationship.
The excellent performance by our professionally trained
house cleaners is enhanced by their knowledge of
cleaning and their understanding of situations that
require their work in your home.    
house cleaning information
you should be home cleaning y our house
open your door to a reputable cleaning company
house cleaner do the job right
Our house cleaners know what to do, they learn your house needs and they know the company performs
evaluations on their performance;
even though we do have house cleaning checklists the cleaners are pretty much automatic
and will care for your cleaning needs to do the job right and yet in the least amount of time to accord a
reasonable cleaning fee
for you
.  We provide you with a house cleaner, better than any maid.
House Cleaning
Serving Lansing, East Lansing,
DeWitt, Okemos, Holt,
Haslett, Mason,
Grand Ledge and surrounding
Our hourly rate is based on each
work hour example:

1 lady 6 hours = 6 hours charge
2 ladies 3 hours = 6 hours charge
3 ladies 2 hours = 6 hours charge